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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide youth with the opportunity to expand their equine knowledge, enhance their horsemanship skills and make new friends.

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For Parents

In order for us to operate a 24-hoEIHPC 2021 - 46ur-a-day camp for one week at such a low fee, our camp relies HEAVILY on volunteer help.  If you have some time during the week and would like to volunteer at camp, please submit a Volunteer Form and review our Volunteer Expectations. If you are volunteering at camp during the week and have the opportunity to observe your child in lessons, please do not be disruptive. Volunteers serve at the discretion of the EIHPC board.

Camp check in BEGINS at 2:00 pm on the Sunday of Fathers’ Day. Parents will be asked to leave the grounds at 5 pm when camper activities begin. If a camper cannot make it during the normal check in hours, please notify EIHPC staff or team@eihpc.com to make other arrangements as soon as possible. Trailer parking will be available, if you would like to park your horse trailer at camp for the week, instead of hauling it home with you on Sunday. Parents are not allowed to stay in their horse trailers for the week.   

EIHPC 2021 - 15There will be an optional meet and greet for parents held on Friday afternoon. Parents are invited after 1pm on Friday to observe their child in lessons and speak with their instructor about their progress. Parents are also able to attend their child's afternoon E-cademy session where the camper paddles will be awarded. At 4:15, everyone will meet down at the horse arena where the most improved awards will be announced. After those awards, campers that are leaving are released to go through the check out process and campers that are staying will start evening chores. Parents of campers that are staying Friday are asked to leave at this time also.     

We ask that for all of our campers' safety, that you refrain from visiting outside of the scheduled visiting hours. In our experience, this also aids campers in becoming more independent and responsible riders.

The Dance is held on Thursday evening. This year’s dance theme has not been decided yet. Campers can bring appropriate costumes to camp if they wish.

Camp check out is from 7:30-9:00 am on Saturday. Before they are given their check out paperwork to leave the grounds, campers will have to clean their dorm area and strip their entire horse stall. 

Horse Health Papers: No horse will be admitted on the grounds without a health certificate by a licensed veterinarian dated within 30 days of camp. Coggins test is required for out of state horses. 2021 EIHPC - 34

Medallion Paddles: If your child attended EIHPC camp last year, please have them bring their camp paddle back to camp this year. First time campers will receive their camp paddles at the afternoon E-cademy sessions on Friday afternoon. Return campers will receive their new camp brands Friday afternoon also. See the Brand Meanings

Campers are not allowed to leave camp for any reason except medical or family emergencies. If there is a special circumstance, parents need to clear this with Jessica, Katie, or Ben prior to the start of camp.

For additional camp information, see the forms below.


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